Tuesday November 6th, 2012 is election day and everyone needs to go vote. Here is what’s on the ballots:

Presidential Ballot
Democrat: Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden
Republican: Former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney with Congressman Paul Ryan
Green Party: Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala
Independents: Randall terry and Missy Reilly Smith
Libertarian: Gary Johnson and James P. Gray

5th Congressional District
Democrat: Kenneth S. Stepp
Republican: Harold “Hal” Rogers

State Senator for the 25th District
Democrat: Ralk Hoskins
Republican: Robert Stivers

House of Representatives for 91st District
Democrat: Ted “Teddy” Edmonds
Republican: Gary Wayne Herald

Soil and Water Conservation Supervisors
Ronnie R. Brandenburg
Charles Lynn Cooper
David Jennings
George D. Marshall
Jimmy Chambers

School Board
District 1: Curtis Davis vs. Jeff Cornett
District 3: Larry Burgess, Darlene Chambers, Melissa Lacy Judd, Willis More, and Lynda Congelton

Beattyville City Council
Seven Candidates will compete for six seats on the council. the six top vote getters will be awarded the seats. Incumbents Richard Adams, Samuel Cockerham, Mitch Cornelius, Teresa Coomer Mays and Charlotte Hogan will face new comers, Steve David Rader and Stephen Paul Begley.