Festivals and Events

Annual Woolly Worm Festival

Beattyville has hosted the Woolly Worm Festival every year since 1988. The festival gathers as many as 110,000 visitors because it has a little bit of everything for everyone. The weekend event is held along main street which is closed off and filled with venders who set up booths. There is everything from food and artisan crafts to local authors and jewelry. Other events on main street. include woolly worm races, car show, parade, helicopter rides, and a weekend full of live music on the Woolly Worm Stage.

The Annual Wolly Worm Festival is always the last full weekend in October. Make your plans to attend this year! For more information visit www.heartofthekentuckyriver.com/woollywormfestival or call (606) 464-2888

About Woolly
Woolly Worms are fuzzy caterpillars also known as banded woolly bears. According to local folk, The worm is said to forecast the weather for the coming winter season. A woolly worm’s body has 13 segments-each corresponding to a week in winter. If a segment is light brown, that means the week will be mild. If a  segment is black, that means a harsh, cold week.

How to Keep A Woolly Worm
They can cling to a surface with amazing strength so be careful picking it up as to not harm it. Instead place a leaf in front of it and give it a tap on the behind! He will walk forward right onto the leaf. House the woolly worm in an open container with plenty of foliage to eat. Clean out waste and replace fresh leaves every day. The woolly worm depends on fresh leaves for food and water. After enjoying his company for a couple days, go ahead and release him back into nature.

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