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Video 23 0 01 03-24If  you ask John Paul why he left New Jersey in 2008, he’ll tell you he was in the right state of mind, but in the wrong state.  So he left his job, sold his home, packed his dog in the RV and headed West.  He passed through Kentucky on his way to settling somewhere in  Wyoming, Montana,  or one of the  Dakotas.  After looking around to find a place to put down roots, he realized he couldn’t get thoughts of the laid back attitude and friendly people of th Bluegrass State out of his mind, so he headed back.   He contacted a realtor and began looking for the home of his dreams.  What he found was a rough hewn cabin in foreclosure.  The rustic appearance and huge amount of work required to bring it back to life were an answer to a prayer.  He was home.

John Paul has turned his home into a living piece of art.  From the leather and wood organizer near the phone to the full size phone booth in his living room, he has paid meticulous attention to every deatail.  He calls his decorating style  “Down Dating” .  He doesn’t update houses, he down dates them.   Every nook and cranny, inside and out holds a personal touch that begs to be analyzed.  And if he invites you out–and he will–he’s not just being nice.  He really loves sharing and showing his home.  It’s well worth the trip.

He has exploited all his disciplines as a sculpter in steel, carver, and painter to make his home a true showplace.  And if you are looking for a designer to bring to life a rustic or western motif inside or out, he’s got the eye.  His art is diverse, but you can tell he has a love for horses, because they are a common theme.  All of his design elements are pieces of art that he has for sale.  Give him a call and be surprised.

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