Sister/Partner City Project

Cities of Beattyville& Prestonsburg

WINS innovation award at 2018 SOAR Summit.

Shaping Our Appalachian Region “SOAR” Summit was held in Pikeville, KY on August 30th & 31st. The theme of this year’s summit was “There is a future in Appalachia.” The event featured a special leadership pre-summit session, which included a keynote presentation with tracks in health and technology.

The SUMMIT showcased more than 100 innovative solutions from across Appalachia Kentucky. Different businesses, organizations and individuals shared their work. One of those innovative solutions was the Sister/Partner City Project between Beattyville & Prestonsburg.

About the project….

This partnership, beginning in March of 2018, is an opportunity to spark economic development between the two partnering Cities. Through this project Beattyville and Prestonsburg have recognized that a growing awareness and appreciation of each others culture as well as many cooperative activities will be of mutual benefit to both communities; and hope that a City partnership will foster educational, economic, and professional exchanges.

As partner Cities, Beattyville & Prestonsburg have held several business collaboration meetings and visits between the two Cities and its business owners and leaders. Putting business owners together from the two similar communities has sparked many ideas and ways to cross promote each other. It has also given business owners a network opportunity to share common struggles and challenges small town business owners face.

Through this award, the Cities of Beattyville & Prestonsburg will receive $1000.00 to build more opportunities to collaborate and expand this project.

Congratulations to Beattyville’s Mayor John Smith & Economic Development Director Teresa Mays!

SOAR: Shaping Our Appalachian Region is a non-partisan economic development agency tasked to expand job creation, enhance regional opportunity, innovation, and identity, improve the quality of life, and support all those working to achieve these goals in Eastern Kentucky.  How? Through collaboration and innovation.