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Bryan Roberts, Owner and Chief Instructor of Silver Dragon Protection and Martial Arts, will be conducting a women’s defense class in late February. Mr. Roberts teaches Karate at PEP and is extremely qualified. Travis Wickline, Regional Outreach Agent for Eastern Kentucky University will be teaching  basic computer classes consisting of four segments: Using Microsoft Word, Surfing the internet, Setting up an Email and Mannerly Social Media. These classes will begin in March.

Remember we have a 13 computer lab with high speed internet if you need to do homework for school or college, complete a work application or do your taxes. Our lab is open from 10 to 5, Monday through Friday and our staff is ready and waiting to help you.

PEP has also been awarded a GROW grant through Berea College for the third consecutive year. GROW promotes organic gardening and living healthy by eating locally grown  food and preserving what you raise. For more information on being a part of the PEP Gardens please call 606-464-0494

Please call us at PEP or email me at pepcoalition@bellsouth.net if you are interested in any of these programs.