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This locally owned and operated small business has created quite a buzz in the small community of Beattyville, KY. Starting out in their personal kitchen just 8 months ago, Vickie & Sarah Crabtree started to make homemade soaps. Now, this mother and daughter duo create skin nurturing and rejuvenating products from ingredients that are safe, organic and hand selected including soaps, balms and exfoliants. All their products are lovingly made from essential oils, botanicals and herbs that they harvest from their personal garden.

Busines10527902_1538154259793484_3615064547920720770_ns started by placing products in a few local stores near Natural Bridge State Park like the Red River Rockhouse and Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure. Next, Positive Attraction Soaps was on the streets of Beattyville during the Annual Woolly Worm Festival in October. Their booth was buzzing with activity as visitors from all over the state purchased their products and wanted to go online and order more. Now, they have a beautiful and descriptive website with an online store. You can visit their online store at www.positiveattractionsoaps.com. If you are visiting Beattyville just email or message for an appointment and check out the new store! They are located at 686 Happy Top Rd, Beattyville, Kentucky. You can also follow them on Facebook!