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Bear Track Lake Adventures offers the entire spectrum of housing history for weary travelers to pick from.  If you’d like to experience life as the first humans did who walked this region, stay in a sandstone shelter and learn what condo living was like before men settled in and started building homes.  No AC is required. The earth and tons of sandstone around you, keep you dry and at about 60 deg. Year round. And as for the interior decorations, only God is able to create such beauty.  Come and visit and we are sure you will agree.

Located alongside Bear Track Lake is a cabin that is bound to please everyone.  Walking up the ramp through the entrance one can see the planning and design unfold.  From the white pine paneling to the beautiful hardwood floors, one canappreciate how different types of wood have been incorporated to stimulate an appreciation of nature’s beauty.  The leather furniture, the exquisite tile and copper bathroom, the cedar closet, all add to the esthetic experience.  From both the living room and the bedroom one can view the lake through sliding glass doors.  These doors lead to an eight by twenty-one foot covered balcony which extends to give the appearance of actually being on the lake itself

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