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There was excitement in the air at the Lee County Recreational Center Saturday morning as the Lee County High School Bowling Bobcats hosted their first home game ever. Bowling is a new sport for LCHS, and this young talented team impressed over 60 spectators as both the boys and girls rolled their share of strikes throughout the tournament against Montgomery County High School.

In the first four games, each player’s personal score after 10 frames contribute to the team total and the team with the highest total wins. The boy’s B team won their second game by outscoring Montgomery 416 to 406.

The final two games mimic college bowling and are called “Baker Games.” In baker games each team has five bowlers and each bowler is given two frames to knock over pins for the team total. The Bowling Bobcats lost their first baker game but won the second 166 to 151. The Lady Bowling Bobcats won both their baker games against the ladies of Montgomery County.

JaCinda Warner said, “I like bowling baker games better because it’s less about your personal score and more about the team.” In game one, they outscored the opposing team 93 to 84, and the second win was an impressive 140 to 100.

There are 8 Bowling Bobcat players. The “A” team bowlers are RJ Bercume, Devin Thomas, Jacob Osborne, and Joe Bryant. The “B” team bowlers are Davin Ogden, Noah Combs, AJ Warner, and Isaac Coburn. The highest three scorers included Jacob Osborne with a combined two-game score of 327, AJ Warner with 329, and Joe Bryant with 352.

There are currently 7 Lady Bowling Bobcats. The “A” team includes Taylor Drake, Katie Kendrick, Kristen Coburn, and JaCinda Warner. The “B” team bowlers are Christina Tudor, Tatyanna Cook and Angie Smallwood. The leading three scorers for the lady bowlers were JaCinda Warner with 179, Katie Kendrick with 225, and Kristen Coburn with 183.

The Lee County Bowling Bobcats would like to encourage the community to show their support by attending their home games. “This isn’t a sport where the crowd is quite like on TV. We want the community to come out and clap and yell encouragement,” said coach Wayne Moses. “Our team is improving every week and though we are young, I think we have represented ourselves well in the first games of Lee County bowling history.”

There are three remaining home games for the LCHS Bowling Bobcats. Saturday: February 11 @ 3:00pm; February 18th @ 2:00pm; March 3rd @ 1:00pm.