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Monday night cannot be identified as a night with nothing to do in Lee County.  If there is an ounce of energy or desire to enjoy the evening with a bunch of folks who truly enjoy life, head up to the Recreation Center on Happy Top.  dance1

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are or feel, pay your $1, that’s right $1, and join the class (if you can call it a class, it feels more like a party). Whether you are an expert (and they are there) or a beginner, it’s a fast paced no pressure one and a half to two hour period of non stop music with arms, legs and bodies flying around a room that echoes with laughter and good cheer.dance2

If you feel lost, there are plenty of young girls and boys there who will help you out, as well as brilliantly graceful men and women.  Take the plunge.  Bring your friends, relatives and visiting city folk to a fun filled evening of dancing, laughing and just visiting with folks you haven’t seen in awhile.  And if the bug bites you, here’s the place where you throw caution to the wind  to get ready for your Hoe Down Island debut.  dance4