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   Video 14 0 00 00-18                                                                                                   Opportunity knocks and some people answer the door.  That’s pretty much what happened when Alisha Lucas got into the restaurant business.  When Phoebe’s on Main closed it’s doors, a turn key operation was just sitting there on Main Street in Beattyville waiting for the right person with the resources, energy, and commitment  to come along and  light off the ovens to start cooking.  Alisha Lucas, from Fairmont, Ohio had dreamed of having her own bakery and the ready to use restaurant was just too much to resist. 
     Judging from the beautiful picture of her daughter “Kadence”  hanging in the dining area, it’s not hard to imagine where the eatery received its name.   The ecclectic mix of musical instruments and movie posters present in the previous restaurant have been added too and it’s an adventure just examining all the accents.
     With a menu identified as “A little bit country.  A little bit city.” you can try fare that is a little different from other local establishments.  There is also the opportunity for outside dining on their shaded back deck.  The staff of “KAYDEE’S KITCHEN, Alisha, Kathy, Franny, Karen, and Krisha will welcome you with warm smiles and cheerful banter.  They’ll also tell you to “go ahead and throw those peanut shells (complimentary at every table) on the floor”. 

                                                                                                                           HOURS OF OPERATION

                                                                                                              MONDAY-WEDNESDAY   7 AM-5 PM

                                                                                                             THURSDAY, FRIDAY         7 AM-8 PM

                                                                                                             SATURDAY                             8 AM-8 PM

                                                                                                             SUNDAY                                  12PM-4 PM

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